Is the website free? Yes, AcademicMode is completely free to use!

How can I become a reviewer? It is very easy to become a peer reviewer. Simply sign up and create an account. Once signed in, click on any document to read it. A peer review form is provided at the end of each document. Fill it out and your peer review will be sent to the writer.

How can I get my assignment peer reviewed? It is very easy to get your paper peer reviewed. Simply sign up and create an account. Once signed in, click on the Upload button in the navigation menu. Upload any document you want peer reviewed. Click on the Feedback link to view all reviews for your document.

Can I submit the assignment more than once? If you submit the exact draft more than once, it will be rejected as a duplicate. You can submit as many revisions as you want for review.

How often do students provide reviews? We can not say for sure as sometimes students are busy or unavailable. Its best to submit during down times like the weekend.

My feedback was great, can I talk to them further? Yes, we provide you the ability to message anybody on the site. Simply click the Message button next to their name to send them a message.

My feedback was poor, what should I do? Sometimes that happens, its up to you decide if you want to incorporate the feedback into your revisions.

How long will my paper be available for peer review? Each paper uploaded will be available for all students to peer review for two weeks.

Can I peer review papers older than two weeks? Yes you can, you need to become a lifetime member to view papers older than two weeks.

What is a lifetime member? A lifetime member is somebody who has provided at least 20 peer reviews and published 20 documents for review.

What are the benefits of a lifetime member? A lifetime member has the ability to view any and all documents and provide reviews for any document older 2 weeks.

Is a lifetime member really lifetime? Yes, we like to encourages students to provide other students with valuable feedback. A lifetime membership provides them with an incentive to peer review more.

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