Definition of Fiction
Etymologically, the word fiction has been derived from Latin word “fictus,” which implies “to kind.” However, in literature, Merriam Webster defines it as, “literature within the form of prose, particularly novels, that describes imagined events and people.”

In fact, it's one in all the 2 branches of literature, the opposite being non-fiction. This explicit branch of literature consists of stories, novels, and dramas supported made-up and fancied stories and characters. Fiction contains bound symbolic and thematic options referred to as “literary merits.” In other words, fiction narrates a story, that aims at one thing larger than simply a story. during this attempt, it comments on one thing important regarding social, political, or human connected issues.

Fiction could also be supported stories of actual historical events. though fictitious characters are conferred in a {very} fictitious setting in stories and novels, they will have some alikeness to world events and characters. Writers alter their characters very skilfully once they take them from actual life.

Examples of Fiction in Literature
Example #1: Alice in Wonderland (By Lewis Carrol)
Alice in Wonderland by writer may be a model of fiction. The story narrates numerous adventures of the main character, Alice, in a fictitious land jam-packed with unimaginable creatures and events. Alice has got to undergo bound magical experiences within the wonderland. consistent with the story, one day, whereas reading book, Alice grows bored, and notices a white rabbit. She follows the rabbit once it goes into a hole in the ground.

When peeping through the hole, Alice loses her balance and falls in. She floats down slowly into the hole, and observes everything around her. Then Alice enters Wonderland, wherever she witnesses variety of weird things. this complete magic tale is fancied and imaginary, that makes it a decent fiction to enjoy.

Example #2: Pride and Prejudice (by Jane Austen)
Another ample example to portray fiction is, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. it's one {in all|one amongst|one in every of} the most famous English novels. in contrast to the previous example, this story is ready in a real-life-like setting. All characters are humans, and no magic or strange events ensue in this novel. All of the characters, and therefore the the} entire story may be a made-up narrative, every component the merchandise of Jane Austen’s imagination. She not solely presents the problems of the modern life round-faced by class families, however also daily preoccupations of the common people. The novel presents a decent fiction of actual lifetime of nineteenth century.

Example #3: Hamlet (by William Shakespeare)
William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is another apt example of fiction. The story of the play moves round the main character, patrician Hamlet. he's advised by the Ghost of his father that his uncle dead his father, King Hamlet, and married his woman and Hamlet’s mother, Queen Gertrude. The Ghost elicits a promise from Hamlet that he can penalise his murder by killing the murderer. This becomes Hamlet’s dilemma. He vows to kill his uncle, however delays it on one pretext or another. Overall, the story is all regarding the intrigues and plots of the royal castle of Elsinore in Denmark. The story might have some reference to the important life events and characters, however it is completely a fancied story created by Shakespeare to entertain the Elizabeth audience of that time.

Function of Fiction
The perform of fiction is to entertain, educate, and encourage the readers and therefore the audience. Literature in general, associate degreed fiction in particular, is capable enough to brush our emotions. Therefore, fiction provides the audience an expertise on the far side their daily lives. It provides them an insight into the lifetime of the characters, their manners, vicissitudes, and events regarding them. It is also accustomed entails the failings and downsides of a society, race, and nation during a manner that it doesn't bit the boundary of stricture or criticism. Rather, fiction points out drawbacks, so suggests solutions for the people and therefore the nations alike. To total up, fiction can even give a vent to our inhibited emotions like hatred, anger and dislike however during a flash manner while not mentioning specific individuals or groups.
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